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Solr with Sitecore Checklist

We have been using Solr with Sitecore for our latest Sitecore implementations as it offers better index synchronization across all CD/CM servers since its a standalone web app with HTTP access, which means that all CD/CM servers will have up-to-date indexed content, unlike lucene where each Sitecore server is responsible of synchronizing its lucene index, which sometimes breaks and causes content to be out-dated. This blog is not about how to configure Solr with Sitecore, there are many blogs talking on this subject, This blog is about some considerations and best practices that you need to take into account when you setup Solr with Sitecore.     First, Disable Indexing on CD's With Solr/Sitecore setup, you only need to enable indexing on CM, and disable it on CD servers, By default after any publish operation, Sitecore will store (item changed/added) event into Event Queue table, and each Sitecore instance will pick that and trigger index job for that item, With Solr w