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Update item name using Sitecore Item Web API

Recently i have been using Sitecore Item Web API frequently to add/update/retrieve content from sitecore, Its easy to setup and use, and can save you time and effort when you integrate sitecore with other plateforms/systems Developers use the Sitecore Item Web API to manipulate the content items in Sitecore through HTTP requests. The API gives access to content through items paths, IDs, and Sitecore queries. This service produces output in JSON format and is both highly customizable and optimized to support a minimum number of requests. Sitecore Item Web API 1.0.0 Developer's Guide    I was asked a question recently on how to change Sitecore Item through the Item web API, and i thought that should simple and out of the box, right? Well, i was wrong, i could not find that its possible to update item name while going through Sitecore documentation: Updating Existing Items The HTTP PUT method is used to update existing items. This affects all items in the resolved scope.